Ep. 581: Something for Them, Something for You

January 22, 2018


God designed marriage to be built on one founding character trait, serving other people. But that doesn’t mean that nothing good ever happens for you. In fact, God does something special when you take on the attitude of a servant. In today’s conversation, we talk about why helping others always ends in helping yourself.

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Marriage is not an easy relationship to develop. Its encouraging, then, to know that God designed marriage. God actually promised way back in Genesis 2:24 that you and your spouse can become one. You may be two individual people with your own hopes, dreams, and daily desires, but you can have unity and be in agreement with one another.  The DVD, Its Not Good to Be Alone, is not only entertaining, its packed full of truths from the Word of God that will help you and your spouse develop the intimacy that you long for and even remind you of why you loved your spouse so much back when you were dating.


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