Ep. 631: Change Your Mind. Change your Family

April 2, 2018


When you talk about a family legacy, most people think of wealth or possessions being passed down from generation to generation. But the most important thing to pass onto your children is not your money, it's your beliefs. This is why the best way to have a great family is to believe what God believes. In today’s conversation, we talk about how you can affect your family for the good by what you believe.



This month's featured resource is the live DVD - THREE THINGS HAPPY FAMILIES KNOW

Included with the DVD is the audio message to download and listen on your phone.

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Three Things Happy Families Know is a live, humorous message that will teach your family three truths that bring happiness. Truths like how to deal with sin, walk in the success God wants for you, and the importance of the words you speak.

In addition to the video message, the DVD has a downloadable MP3 copy of the message for you to download and listen to on your phone.


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